Calabogie peaks

2016-10-12 | by: Clockwork

Last Monday, we set the alarm clock to 5am.   The crew composed of Jesse Bowden, Ian Kennedy, Sébastien Burns, Jesse Giroux and I, left Montreal with 2 vans filled with 5 dual sport bikes.  We rode 3 hours direction Calabogie peaks, Ontario to meet Andrew Szeto.  Calabogie is Andrew's playground. He lives about an hour away from there and has had various trips over the past. He was gonna guide us in this paradise of trails. The Calabogie riding area is quite large, constituting approximately 5,000 – 10,000 square km!  We were on various kinds of dual sport bikes ; from  KTM to Husqvarna, Yamaha Xt, Honda Xr, Kawasaki KLR. For my part, I brought my latest addition, a 1998 Suzuki DR650. It was her first test, and I'm pretty happy she didn't let me down and did very well on the trails. Here are some pictures Andrew took of our trip. There is not a lot, we were too busy riding and having so much fun ! 


Check out Andrew's website and instagram, it really worth it :